What's Chinese Rush?

  • Chinese Rush is the fastest-paced poker game around, in which you’ll never have to wait for a hand!
  • In this action-packed format, you will immediately be dealt new hands when you fold!

How the Game Works

  • , and you’ll immediately be dealt a fresh hand at a different table, against new opponents.
  • You can quick fold whenever, even if it’s not your turn to act, as long as you are facing a bet.
  • If you wish to spectate how a hand plays out, just hold quick fold.
  • Players will be seated randomly for each hand.
  • Blind positions will be determined in a way that everyone pays the same percentage, in the long run.

How to Join Chinese Rush

  • Chinese Rush is playable on both PC and Mobile, for No Limit Hold’em.
  • To play, select your stakes in the Chinese Rush lobby, accessible via the main lobby icon on mobile, and Chinese Rush tab on PC.

Additional Information

  • Chinese Rush is played in ¥.
  • All-In Insurance will be available in Chinese Rush.
  • RIMT will be unavailable, to preserve the fast-pace nature of the game.
Available Stakes

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