PokerCraft is a built-in, free to use multi-lingual poker game analysis tool. With this tool you can review, filter and analyze any game session you played on 7XL. 

Keep track of your play, work out your weaknesses and become a better and more profitable player right now!


PokerCraft is a built-in, free to use multi-lingual poker game analysis tool. With this tool you can review, filter and analyze any game session you played on 7XL. 

Keep track of your play, work out your weaknesses and become a better and more profitable player right now!

Take a look at the images below to learn about PokerCraft’s powerful and easy-to-use features.


Get all the information about your experience in one glance, and leave posts you wish to remember and share with your friends!


Your Timeline is your default page, and you can revisit by selecting the Timeline tab.

View all of your recent posts in one glance.

Your personal Timeline.
You can create new posts and filter to choose what to see.

Star items you wish to revisit.
Share items with your friends.

Hold'em Tab

The Hold’em tab displays cumulative statistics for your game history in the respective game type including your Play Style, Luck, and more.

Play Style
Determines your character at the table based on your style of play to date

Luck Rating
A rating of your luck based on the outcome of hands played

Best & Worst Hand
Displays your least/most profitable starting hands to date

Shows your least/most profitable positions at the tables

Hold'em & Omaha - Game History

The Game History tab allows you to view details about every hand in the game session you select to view. You will be able to analyze or export any hand as a Hand Moment to share on social media.

Omaha - Game History

Search parameters
Filter your session history by date and/or stakes to generate a list of games for filtering and review.

List of poker sessions in the defined range

Features & Special Views
The list of available views and features that you can select to analyse your game data.

Filter your results to make your search easier.

Hold'em & Omaha - Win/Loss

The Win/Loss tab displays your profit and loss over time while the graph shows the expected value of the hands you’ve played.

X-Axis Hands played Y-Axis Profit/Loss

Win/Loss Line Graph
The red line displays your actual profit and loss while the EV line shows the statistical value over the same range of hands for comparison.

Hold'em & Omaha - Hole Cards Matrix

The Hole Cards tab shows a matrix of all combinations and provides you with the total net earnings for each hand you’ve played.

Hole Cards Chart

Hole Cards Chart
Diplays your total net earnings with every possible combination of hole cards

Example - A3o (Off-Suit)

Example – A3o (Off-Suit)
Let’s take a look at A3o to illustrate how to use the chart.

The color blue will indicate a net profit.
For every time we held A3 off-suit as our hole cards, we have made a total net profit of $270.56.

Hold'em & Omaha - Position

The Position tab displays your net earnings from each seat at the table allowing you to easily see your strongest positions.

Position Tab

Position Tab
This tab shows your net earnings from each position on the table.

Earnings in green indicate profit while those in red indicate a net loss.

Info for a given Position

Info for a given Position
Winloss – Your total earnings (i.e. Button – $6.79 loss)
Flop % – The % of times you saw the flop.
Showdown – The number of times you played a hand until showdown (i.e. Button – twice)

Hold'em & Omaha - Opponents

The Opponents tab displays your net earnings against opponents from the selected session to view. Red bars to the left indicate loss while blue bars to the right indicate profit.

X-Axis Total Net Earnings Y-Axis Opponent ID

X-Axis Total Net Earnings Y-Axis Opponent ID

Opponents (Profit)
The green bars show your net profit against the opponents you have profited from most.

Opponents (Loss)
The red bars show your net losses against your opponents.

All-In or Fold

The All-In or Fold tab displays your overall stats at the All-In or Fold game.

All-In Percentage
The percentage of hands where you pushed all-in.

Average Luck
An analysis of how lucky you are relative to the theoretical outcomes of hands played.

Best & Worst Hand
Displays your overall least/most profitable starting hands

Shows which table position is the least/most profitable for you

Hand Moments

Every hand in your poker journey can be accessed and exported as a Hand Moment through PokerCraft. Hand Moments capture all the exitement of a hand in a single image that can be easily uploaded to social media.


To access them, please follow these steps.

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

From the main lobby, click the PokerCraft icon found on the lower right corner.

Step 3:

From the PokerCraft page, select the type of game you wish to view.

Step 4:

Filter the game date.

Step 5:

Select the time and table.

Step 6:

Click the Game History tab.


Step 7:

Select the hand moments from the Hole Card column.

Step 8:

Click the save button then OK to download the Hand Moment (it will automatically save in your download folder).


  • Hand Moments are saved to the generic download target folder of your device. 
  • Hand Moments are then easily shareable across social media pages.
  • Any hands you’ve played in the past can be turned into a Hand Moment through PokerCraft. 
  • Find the session and the hand you wish to export and select the Save option found in the top left corner of the Hand Moment to save it to your device.
  • Note: There is currently no way to download all of the Hand Moments from PokerCraft at once due to the possibility of abuse by tracking sites and software.

Step 1

Step 2

  • The standard time displayed on PokerCraft is set to GMT+0.
  • PokerCraft is set to the universal timezone to cater to all players who live in different parts of the world with different time zones.
  • With PokerCraft, you simply have to play and no installation is necessary,  as all your play is calculated, visualized and logged for your convenience in the future.
  • Also PokerCraft is universally available to anybody using our poker room.
  • Most importantly, PokerCraft does not provide a HUD during games, which we believe is unethical and an unfair advantage for some players over others. Hence, no third party tracking software is allowed on our network.
  • Yes, PokerCraft will allow you to find out how long your session was per login. 
  • You can find your login information in the Time Line

  • This is where you can see when you logged in/out, what device you had used, and even the IP address you had logged in from.

  • PokerCraft will display all your login history. 
  • This is a useful tool for helping you identify the moments where you may have been disconnected.

  • No, PokerCraft does not take Rake or Fee into account and should not be used to validate your balance.
  • PokerCraft is only intended for you to view your overall performance and related data. 
  • Yes, PokerCraft does indeed assess a player’s luck factor in the Luck section. 
  • It is calculated once a player has played over 1000 hands of any game type and depicts the player’s variance over a given time with a positive and negative luck icon. 

  • Yes. Once you played over 1000 relevant hands, PokerCraft will begin assessing your play and your statistics will change accordingly. 
  • You can view your Play Style section to view these statistics.
  • The Play Style tab is not a summary of your overall play, but rather an assessment of your performance in specific categories.

The discrepancy may be due to the following reasons:

  • You may be referring to the wrong Hand Moment due to the fact that the Hand Moment that is shown in the top-left corner is not the actual Hand Moment # of the hand that you are actually playing in at the moment.
  • In fact, this Hand Moment # is actually the number of the previous hand that was played.
  • Also, you may have accepted All-In Insurance in the previous hand, and forgot to deduct the Insurance Fee from your next starting chip stack.
  • Please be advised that all data within PokerCraft does not take rake into consideration. Therefore, the Win-loss amount that is displayed on PokerCraft may appear to be different when in actuality it is correctly reflected without the rake.
  • No, all data within PokerCraft does not take rake or fee into consideration.
  • No, PokerCraft will not reveal any information with regards to your balances for security reasons.
  • In the interest of poker ecology and security, the only people who will be able to view your PokerCraft statistics are the players and the Support team. 
  • Security and player privacy is of the utmost importance of the network.
  • The statistics on PokerCraft are updated as soon as you leave your session at any given table.
  • Sitting out is not visually depicted on a Hand Moment as seen in the image below.
  • The only way for you to guess whether a player may have been sitting out is to view each Hand Moment in a given table session one by one to check whether the hand was folded hand after hand. 
  • However, please note that this method is not a 100% false-proof way of checking whether a player was actually in sit-out mode.

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