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Interesting facts about poker, game of poker.

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Interesting facts about poker

The game of poker has been around for about 500 years. During this time, the rules have changed, the best players and world tournaments. You can find out a lot of information about the game by reading the most interesting facts about poker.

Fact 1: the origin of the word “poker”
Many players did not even think about why poker has such a name. The French claim with full confidence that this game appeared in their country. It was called “Poque”. An interesting fact is that the rules of this game were different from those of modern poker.

In Germany, the game does not agree with this origin. They believe that poker originated from the German word “pochen”. Translated, it means “knock.”

Fact 2: the first games of Texas Hold’em
The history marks the first game of Texas Hold’em according to modern, familiar rules. The first batch was held in Robstown, Texas. A small group of Texas players brought the first rules of poker to this town. An interesting fact is that the group included Doyle Brunson and Krandell Addington – the legendary champions of poker today. They first started playing Texas Hold’em in the early 20th century.

Fact 3: electing a mayor through a game of poker
In New Mexico, there is a law that if the votes are tied, the game decides the winner. There is a known case in the United States when a poker game decided which candidate would take the current position in the city. It happened in 1998. Two candidates received 68 votes each. The first candidate Farrington chose the game of poker. The second candidate wanted to roll the dice to determine the winner. A coin was thrown to select a game. An interesting fact is that in the end they chose the game of poker, and it was she who was able to bring victory in the elections to Farrington and make him the mayor of the city.

Fact 4: young and successful poker player

Fedor Holz is a young and successful poker player. He is only 24, and the amount of money he won in poker is $ 21,706,151. An interesting fact that at the moment Holz is the best player among youth (under 25). He has won numerous poker tournaments and is currently active in poker.

Fact 5: the origin of poker chips
Until the 1800s, there were no betting chips in the poker game. The players used gold coins and other jewels. A little later, they began to make chips from ivory and wood. They were slightly larger in size than today’s poker chips.

Fact 6: what poker Kings mean
Historians have confirmed the fact of poker, who on the 4 cards of Kings depicts the great figures of the past:

The king of clubs personifies the commander of Alexander the Great.
The heart card is similar to Charles the First.
The King of Spades is the world famous King David.
The King of Diamonds personifies Julius Caesar.

Fact 7: what the poker suits mean.

It used to be thought that each suit in poker cards represents a certain category of citizens. The following fact of poker about the designation of suits has been confirmed:

Pica is a noble class.
Clubs are a peasant.
The worms are the clergy.
Tambourine is a merchant.

Fact 8: the biggest poker winnings.
The biggest poker win in the tournament was won by Antonio Esfandiari. The prize money was $ 18,346,873. The tournament was held in 2012 and was called The Big One for One Drop.

Fact 9: Ace’s story.
Translated from English “Ace” sounds like “Ace”. Its origin comes from the Old French word for “one”. An interesting fact of poker is that in the first rules the Ace was the lowest card, it was rather difficult to win with it. However, later the rules of poker began to change and the Ace became the highest card in the deck.

Fact 10: the popularity of poker as a sport.

An interesting fact of poker is that on TV the game takes the 3rd place in the attention of viewers. Football comes first and rally comes second.

Fact 11: features of poker in Russia
From 2007 to 2009, poker in Russia was equated in a full-fledged sport. However, later the situation changed and again the game began to be associated only with gambling entertainment for casinos.

Fact 12: a deck with a fifth suit.
An interesting fact of poker is that in 1937 they began to produce card decks with one more fifth suit. It was called Royals. The card featured a chic royal crown. However, these decks were not popular with players, so they quickly stopped selling.

Now collectors around the world are looking for rare decks with five suits and are ready to give over $ 1,000 for such a valuable item.

Fact 13: interesting combination names.

The Jack and Seven combination is called “Jack Daniels” after the whiskey of the same name. But the combination of two Eights (88) is called “snowmen” because of their similar shape.

Fact 14: the biggest poker winnings.
Daniel Negreanu is the player who has won the most money at poker. In total, his prize money from tournaments is $ 33,887,949.

Fact 15: Register for poker.
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